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Repeat after me, again, again - 5 words for expressing anything [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Lingual Diversity

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Repeat after me, again, again [May. 5th, 2009|10:27 am]
Lingual Diversity


"Repeat after me "The chemistry is gone, and I think we should stop seeing each other"". The teacher's voice is firm and the boys in the class are no older than 10. The boys were in their sex-ed class, and the girls were in the classroom next door learning how to say no.

The boys teacher was a girl, lady, woman in her mid fifties, wearing a dress that would have looked good on someone 20 years younger. The boys chanted in unison "The chemistry is gone", and were then asked to open their notebooks.

They were part of a new government program, one that attempted to minimise human suffering as it only decreased productivity. The thought was that if all the bullshit comments were weeded out, 'We can still be friends', 'I may be making a mistake' 'I'll see you next February' et. al. and men were allowed to get in touch with their emotions women would not loose sleep and weight trying to get the heart ache to stop.

Their notebooks were filled with other sentences, sentences that were given as homework or punishment, that were to be written and rewritten as they practised their handwriting, regardless of the fact that everyone used computers now a days.

What the government failed to realise, and why the experiment was only stopped after 25 years of brainwashing too many generations of under 10 year olds is that a no is a no, no matter the form or wording, and having someone tell you no will decrease productivity.